About us

The Financial Express, the only English financial daily in Bangladesh, began its journey on November 10, 1993. It was an ambitious venture on the part of the International Publication Limited to launch a financial English daily  in Bangladesh.

It came into being as a pioneering financial newspaper of the country as there was no such daily even 10 years back.

The Financial Express has established a new trend in Bangladesh’s newspaper industry. Primarily its  focus has been on news concerning economic activities at national, regional and international levels.  It  has done so and will continue to do the same in the future befitting its character much like those of its contemporaries in other parts of the globe. Being distinctive as a financial or economic daily does not mean that it has ignored the general news topics concerning socio-political and cultural activities. It  has not neglected major developments, nationally and globally in areas that do not otherwise pertain to the economic life. This paper has done this without compromising its character.

The newspaper wants social development and poverty alleviation through quality of resources where there will be knowledge-based society.

The FE believes media can help bring about changes ------by promoting and facilitating two-way information flows fairly and objectively, notwithstanding many exogenous and endogenous constraints to their (media’s) discharging this responsibility.

At present, the daily caters to the needs of a vast readership who want in-depth news and analysis of money market, capital market, bond market etc. The 16-page format includes two four colored folds The first fold includes politics & policies - one page, Metro/Country-one page, editorial page including one feature page opposite it - Two page, Sports - one page. The second fold includes news and analysis of Stock / Corporate market - Two page, Companies, finance, business and market commodities - Three page, Leisure & Entertainment - one page and World news - one page. Regular feature pages include, Saturday Feature, Urban Property, Focus on IT, Focus on Asia, Growth of SMEs, Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals, Education etc.

The daily  has syndication arrangement with Financial Times of London.

The Financial Express is frequently quoted by the donors, development agencies and the government as the most  trusted and authentic source of news. The internet edition is widely browsed by Bangladeshi nationals living abroad.

The Financial Express and its team are applauded by all.