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Worried businesses to launch anti-militancy campaign
Jasim Uddin Haroon

          Business leaders unanimously decided to observe programmes like formation of human chain and token hunger strike across the country later this month in protest against the recent spate of bomb attacks that are set to leave a telling blow on the economy.
They also decided to organise rallies in six divisional headquarters with a view to forming public opinions against the recent militant attacks at different places in the country.
Leaders of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) took this decision Saturday after a marathon round of discussion with its top business leaders of different chambers bodies and trade organisations.
Most of the business leaders were critical of government-sponsored dialogues, saying that the opposition parties have little to do in stopping this menace since all the administrative and security tools were under government control and the latter was using those without any prior consultation with the opposition parties.
FBCCI president Mir Nasir Hossain moderated it while its First Vice President Mohammed Ali, Vice President Dewan Sultan Ahmed attended, among others, in the discussions.
Business leaders also stressed on the need for grater unity of the business organisations to combat this new terrorist phenomenon and said the government must go into roots instead of making scattered arrests of bombers and suspected militants.
"The government must find the roots and identify the sources of finances of the terrorists attacks and take stern actions against the perpetrators for the sake of country's economy ", Mir Nasir said.
They also said that country's discriminatory education system should be reformed and steps should be taken for monitoring country's 74,000 Madrashas scattered across the country.
"Madrasha education curricula should incorporate technical education with a view to encouraging youths towards job-oriented education", Mohammed Ali said pinpointing all Madrashas as major source of militants.
They were also critical about the law enforcing agencies and stressed on the need for reform of the present administration.
Some business leaders alleged that militants were being secretly nurtured by government agencies.
"Why action was not taken against police superintendent Naogaon district when he did not abide by the Prime Minister's order?" Abdur Razzak, an FBCCI director questioned.
They also said caller ID should be introduced in land phones, aiming at tracing the culprits who issue constant telephonic threats to businessmen and other people.
Several hundred business leaders across the country attended the exchange of views while nearly 100 addressed it.
Some business leaders opined that government should announce general amnesty to the militants and took steps to rehabilitate them.
They demanded to withdraw levies on some anti-bomb devices and metal detectors so that commoners could easily avail those.
Some business leaders suggested meeting again with the Prime Minister Khaleda Zia with concrete proposals soon after the dialogue.
FBCCI leader Monjur Ahmed said that business leaders and their respective trade bodies has to play a historic role in the present crisis as the political parties failed to do anything tangible to stop the militant attacks.
"All civil originations, professional bodies must be united now for the greater interest of business and economy", he said.
Some leaders suggested for hiring expert investigation team under the FBCCI to find out whether Jamaat is involved in the latest scheme of things or not.
Business leaders including Abul Kasem Ahmed, Abdul Waheb, Akterzzaman Manju, Abdul Motaleb, AR Mallick, Mezbaul Islam Bhuyan, Haji Harunur Rashid, Harunur Rashid, Abu Naser, Nurul Islam, Khorshed Alam Molla, Lutfur Rahman Khan, Khoka Sikder, among others, spoke in the dialogue.


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