Friday, February 11, 2005


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Jobs in service sector: opinions of the Human Resource personnel
FE Special

          In today's competitive business market, business graduates are enjoying an edge over the graduates coming from other disciplines. Increasing number of private universities are producing hundreds of business graduates besides the limited number of business graduates coming out of the public universities.
In the job market, the graduates of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) of Dhaka University have been performing quite impressive. Employers have special fascination for this business school as it produces the most suitable graduates who usually serve better than the graduates of other business schools. Graduates of some public universities like Dhaka University (Commerce Faculty), Jahangirnagar University, Khulna University are also producing quality graduates. Among the private universities , the most preferred ones are North South University, Independent University Bangladesh, East West University and American International University -Bangladesh.
The employers have special likings for the business graduates as far their expansion of business is concerned. "Business graduates are doing comparably better than graduates of other disciplines. The average pool of IBA is better than any other private university," commented Rizwan Hamid Quraishi, Recruitment and Selection Manager of GrameenPhone.
"When selecting for interviews, we don't make any difference between the graduates of the public and the private universities. We select the candidates without being biased to any particular university," commented M Ali Hossain, HR Manager of SQUARE Pharmaceuticals .
In recent years the private university graduates working in the service sector have earned appreciation from their employers. "Majority of our employees are from private universities. Their quality is improving day by day. Obviously IBA graduates get our first preference," said Shireen Sultana, HR Executive of CITYCELL, country's fast growing telecom company.
British American Tobacco, a dream organization for many business graduates, claims it does not have any preference for any particular business school. "We have our standard procedures. Essentially there is no priority for any business school," commented Sheikh Tashfeen Islam, HR Manager (MIS and Services) of BAT.
The very preparation of a CV determines one's entrance to the organization to a great extent. "Primarily we judge a candidate based on the way he or she has written the Curriculum Vitae. We see whether the relevant information are available. Spelling mistakes in the CV, however, indicate one's insincerity," commented Ali Hossain, HR Manager of SQUARE Pharmaceuticals. "To us the mention of institute, CGPA, experience all these matter a lot. We ignore candidates' silly spelling mistakes. Those might happen due to the faults of the computers," said Shireen Sultana of CITYCELL. "When we see a CV, we don't usually look at CGPAs. What we look for in a CV is whether one has completed 16 years of education, one had involvement in extra curricular activities,' said Tasfeen, HR Manager of BAT.
These days the business organizations usually invite applications both online and offline. But British American Tobacco is rather an exception, it doesn't accept any CV that reaches offline. "if anyone submits CV offline, we express our regrets. We send back the CV suggesting that applicant to send it online," said Tasfeen of BAT.
Private university graduates are preferred for the jobs that require more and more communication skill. "They are usually good at speaking, they are smart and creative. Also in many cases they are more commercially aware," commented Shireen Sultana of CITYCELL.
Probably in most of the business schools, the students are not prepared for how to face an interview efficiently. "It seems the candidates come up with the least preparation for the interviews. They might not have experience related to the jobs they are going to join, but at least what they should have is keen interest for the job. Candidates are supposed to come up with some knowledge about the job they are going to join. They should be aware about the competition in the market," commented Rizwan Hamid Quraishi of GrameenPhone.


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