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Career in ICT education
M A Islam

          Career mainly indicates one's professional life. Today students become serious about their career immediately after SSC or O levels.
True, there is the continuous rise of unemployment in Bangladesh. It is also true that these days students are becoming more and more serious about their career.
These days information and communication technology has a great role to play in one's career. In the whole world, the revolution of ICT has created new professions.
This article will focus on academic career, hardware career, software career, networking career, web career and multimedia career.
Academic Career: In academic level, one can become computer engineer after studying for four years. One can take further education afterwards. Besides all these, one can take diploma of 2 years, 1 year or six month education. After obtaining diploma from a recognized institute, one can go for higher studies. Also, one can do some package courses within a small period of time and can start an ICT career.
Engineering based career: To become a computer engineer, a student has to study hardware, software, networking, circuit design, VLSI design etc.
Engineering: The contribution of computer engineers on ICT is the highest. Engineers are involved with designing new systems, processor and cheap design.
System designer: Collecting different parts of a computer from different manufactures, a designer assembles a personal computer.
Robotics engineer: Their task is to make robots depending on various types of works.
KAD technician: They help design different parts of a computer.
Hardware based career:
A professional must have clear concept about the overall computer system to do good in this career. Knowledge on operating system, software installation, troubleshooting are very essential in this regard. After all, installation procedure of the peripheral devices like scanner, printer, digital camera, pen drive etc. must be learnt. Demand of this profession is increasing proportionately with the use of computer.
Customer support Manager:
Professionals of this career must have work experience on IT field and vast knowledge. Information technology marketing and skillful direction - these are the precondition for this career. Customer care and maintenance of standard are the special consideration for skillful direction.
Customer support executive:
Software installation and after sales service are the main responsibilities in this profession. Expertise on OS, installation, troubleshooting etc. must be ensured to do good in this career
Software based career: To become efficient in this profession, one needs to become efficient in different programming language. One should have sufficient idea about design and development of software, demand of client, customer service etc.
Programmer or software engineer: What a pc should do, what instructions to be presented in what way- all these are the tasks of a programmer. They do these with the help of different programming language.
Software developer: One can do good in this profession if one is efficient in two languages. There is enough scope for creativity in this profession.
System analyst: One who does complete design of a software product and designs for a new hardware product.
Project manager: One who is in overall charge of a project. One must be efficient in programming to become successful as a project manager.
Software architect: They add new ideas to software. Once ideas are added, the project gets more and more popularity. A software architect has to keep liason with the clients all the time.
Networking based career: One needs to have minimum a diploma degree in computer engineering, computer technology, telecommunication. The demand for this profession in the ICT world is increasing day by day.
Network administrator: These personnel are always busy maintaining the server.
Network engineer: A skilled network engineer is engaged in installation, monitoring technical side of extension of local/wide network, cabling installation etc.
Telecommunication engineer: The job of a telecommunication engineer is doing integrated design of network device, setting up networking, troubleshooting and repairing switch etc.
Web based career: To come to this profession, one needs to know HTML, flash, Photoshop, DIHTML, java, CJI, server, networking and more than all these, should know about decent use of different colours.
Web programmer: They usually build programs for webpages. To become a successful programmer, one needs to have knowledge in logic and mathematics and skill in graphics design.
Web developer: With the help of animation, graphics, sound, contrast of colour, a web developer can make web pages more attractive.
Web content developer: Preparing content and editing a webpage are the main works of a content developer.
Web engineer: Maintenance of server site like VSAT, Internet protocol, bandwith-these are the main works of an web engineer.
Web designer: Making decent webpage with the help of letter, word, animation is the main work of a web designer.
WAP technologist: the main work of this professional is to show web through writing it with WML instead of HTML.
Web master: Planning, programming, maintenance of webpage-these are the main works of a webmaster.

Multimedia based career: Creativity is crucial for this profession.
Graphics designer: Usually the students of fine arts do better in this profession. Making decent and attractive design with the help of colour, image, and effect is the main work.
Animator: Presenting things in a more lively manner is the main work of an animator.
Sound engineer: They should have knowledge about editing sound and web studio.
Video engineer: Editing video is their main responsibility.
Author programmer: Making different multimedia based works more interactive is their main work.


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