Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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PSC keeps BCS examinees waiting
Robiul Alam

          Would it be a mistake if we call Bangladeshis the most patient nation of the world? I don't think so. Often I get inarticulate to find how readily we get accustomed to all the unjust practices. Living in a country where everything is possible, we find no wonder now as wonder while the air of optimism still suggests that we are succeeding every way in the endurance test. So rationally the question comes where is the boundary that indicates the maximum tolerance limit?
If we try to reason out the secret of the abject condition of the law and order of our country, finding out the way our policy makers have availed their pompous position should be the right initiative. Would it be wild if we raise our eye brows about the way the sinecure holders got their appointment? The question -out of the 25th BCS , in fact, has rationalized the query today. A student giving all out effort when finds his pleading on retaking the exam going in vain , what else remain left other than questioning why their ethos do not hold empathy. Had they taken all pains and come through fair means, they certainly would have realized how it feels to be judged with such partial acts. Public Service Commission (PSC) has shown nothing but foolhardy boldness proclaiming definitively that they would not retake the test in default of good evidence. This proclamation has, in effect, debased itself. While the fax reports in the media office , general diary in Ramna thana and the detective reports before the commencement of the test have been the vivid manifestations , PSC still is audaciously disclaiming its responsibilities. The response in this regard from the part of the chairman of the exam committee Mr. Mustafizur Rahman sounds so ridiculous that his devious answer namely has shown how to grease the palm of the boss in a servile manner. His such prompt reaction to the misdeeds on the other hand, has provided a better ground to put their sanity in doubt. Actually, as often as PSC tries to eschew the retaking discussion, they do it once too often to dwindle their acceptance.
Now let us see how this question-out could damage the fate of a student. Near about nineteen thousand students allowed in the preliminary test are now fighting for only sixteen hundred and nineteen posts. Furthermore, the probability of success gets narrower for those who can't try for professional cadres. Thus the fact remains that only four hundred and thirty five general posts are appropriated for them. Under the circumstances, the question-out has enervated the cruelty stricken students in so poor a way that success has been their forlorn hope. The very heinous incident took place in the 'general science and elementary math' paper which will distinctly separate the have gots and haven't gots by at least 30 marks promoting the intended students with three percent surplus on average. Thus, appearing the rest of the exams has been a mere formality for them to end the course. Hence an obvious question is remaining -if it has been premeditatedly decided who would occupy the post offered, why this farce then!!
I got an opportunity to ask some of the disgruntled students who strongly demanded the 'Genaral Science and Elementary Maths' to be retaken. One of them when asked about the reaction, responded furiously: 'Never in my lifetime I will make a mistake to decide to sit for the BCS exam again.' One with a hopeless tone replied, 'Who else on earth can give his ear to our mourns; all these are useless.' Another replied sarcastically, 'Public service commission? A great commission to serve public interest!' One of them upbraided the PSC officials fiercely: 'Why are they not subject to decapitation when their brains don't work?' These are all the unarmed reaction having no striking effect into changing the decision of PSC.
But an alarming shadow is that beneath their seething veneer was lurking a very disappointed and frustrated appearance. Many students, after the exertion of months of strenuous effort have found their pains ended in smoke. Moreover, no sign of either the preventive measures or the retaking decision of the exam is taken by PSC in response to such atrocious plays. And despite all these, some optimist intellectuals are still with their pandora's box that Bangladesh will overcome one day! Their unfounded feeling of optimism can optimize the tolerance limit at the most but no way can it soothe their sufferings.
Oh! for the optimist zone , still there is an example for them to be used as their fuel. Among all those persecuted students, I found one who came forward with a sanguine view and offered an apparent solution. Showing due respect to the teachers, he said that the rest was depending upon the teachers who would check the copies. Addressing PSC as a place of insane, he urged the teachers to give special attention to the answer sheets. He pointed that a good indication of who got the question papers beforehand is essentially the answer sheet containing all correct and to-the-point answer of above ninety five percent marks. He entreated the teachers to treat those copies accordingly in order to put the balance straight to do a little favor to the students who are in dire straits. I muttered: what a reliance upon the teachers! Had he ever known how those copies to be examined are distributed , he would certainly have given up.
It is past endurance as the event involves the violation of the constitution as well. It has been clearly stated in the constitution that every national will be treated equally in the attainment of the government job . But pitifully, the present scenario is a transparent sacrilege to desecrate the constitution. How? At one side, a group of students have been provided the question papers to be fully equipped with while at the other, some are to carry on taking preparation on innumerable topics with their sweat exuding effort. Rationally it arises that if the PSC defaults to preserve the esteem of the constitution, then why make late to announce it a defunct commission?
The PSC chairperson is to decide now which of the two is more important to her- giving ear to the sycophant retinues surrounding herself or preventing the breach of the constitution. Concern about the latter should very logically suggest her to retake the exam immediately. And this , if done, will undoubtedly endear her to us all let alone the implication on what has already happened. Again, we all are looking forward to getting a better solution as our prime minister has already intervened into the affair. Our earnest expectation and suggestion will be that her intervention not be a mere eye-wash.


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