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Another bid to nab Bangla Bhai fails


Another combined operation by the RAB and the police to arrest the second-in-command of the JMB failed Wednesday, report agencies.
Acting on a tip-off that Bangla Bhai had been staying at Mollabari Mosque in Rupshi village, over one thousand members from both the RAB and the police conducted a seven-hour-long combing operation at Rupshi and Tarabo villages.
Since early in the morning, they kept both the villages cordoned with a huge contingent of forces. The law enforcers searched all the mosques, madrashas, schools and other suspected places.
Villagers and neighbours became afraid of seeing huge number of law enforcers.
According to sources, the RAB was informed through one of its informants that Bangla Bhai had said his Fazr prayers at the Mollabari Mosque.
Being informed of the presence of Bangla Bhai, a huge contingent from the RAB-3 rushed to the Mosque area and kept the area cordoned with the RAB members for hours.
Later, several hundred members from RAB-3, RAB-10 and also from the RAB headquarters rushed there to conduct the operation.
Police from the Rupganj Thana also joined them.
Both the RAB and the police raided all the mosques in the village for several hours.
In another operation, they conducted drives at the neighbouring Tarabo village. The operations continued until 3.30 pm.