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1,200 MW power shortage likely next summer


The country is likely to experience power shortage of 1,200 MW next summer as the demand will surpass 5,000 MW against the production capacity of 3,800 MW, reports UNB.
Quoting a recent survey report of the Power Development Board (PDB), its Chairman ANH Akhtar Hossain made the prediction Wednesday at a meeting of the Advisory Council of the Power Ministry.
The PDB conducted the survey to determine the actual supply and demand situation.
Last summer, the demand for electricity was 4,500 MW and the generation shortfall was between 800 and 1,100 MW as the production was mostly between 3,400 and 3,600 MW. At present, the demand stands at 3,700 MW.
To increase the production capacity, two new power plants, having combined capacity of 300 MW, may come into operation before the next summer.
The PDB survey also revealed that as per the existing transmission and distribution network capacity, the suppressed demand for electricity would be about 6,000 MW in the coming summer. "But this (suppressed) demand is not officially counted," PDB chairman said.
Meanwhile, BDNEWS adds: Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has drafted a guideline for power generation pricing.
The draft has been prepared considering total investment, operating cost, depreciation and other factors.
However, it did not clarify the profit margin of the entrepreneurs.
The BERC in collaboration with USAID and National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioner (NARUC) arranged a workshop at a city hotel Wednesday to have opinions on the draft from the concerned quarters.