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Saiful Kaiser

Graeme Smith South Africa's captain, what seems like a pious retort to Shane Warne's outburst regarding his captaincy and general 'unimpressive' show by the tourists has said that it bothers Warne that he's not captain that the spinner who waddles and does not walk was finding it exceedingly difficult to accept Ponting as master and commander of the Australian team. (Detractors had hinted earlier that it was the same problem with Sachin Tendulkar who thought Ganguly was a less better captain than just about anyone else, but then detractors will be detractors).
The problem was Graeme Smith and a number of his mates laughed at Warne face shaking their heads even saying "of course, of course," with wide grinning faces when he tried to appease them with 'nothing-personal-in-his-comments kind of overtures.
Smith said later that all the South African players were unanimous in their conclusion that it bothered old Warne to no end that he was not the skipper of Australian captain, that it was the one yearning, nay, burning desire of his cricket career. At this point, detractors concurred and said that Warne might agree to barter off his kids to become Australian captain and the fact that Ponting was appointed above him was eating him up. Smith and his teammates believe this is exactly the case which is why he was badmouthing the visitors every chance he got.
Smith pointed out that Warne tries to interfere with Ponting's job in the field and these antics were exactly what were responsible to a great extent in allowing South Africa a chance to escape on the last day of the last Test with a draw. Some say Ponting actually nodded in assent at the suggestion.