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Dollar, call rate remain stable
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The US dollar remained unchanged Thursday against the Bangladesh taka (BDT) in the local inter-bank foreign exchange market. The inter-bank call money rate also remained unchanged in an active market. The dollar, however, was slightly stronger in the informal market, fund managers said.
In the formal inter-bank market, the exchange rate of the greenback against the taka varied between Tk 66.20 and Tk 66.25 maintaining the previous day's range. The dollar was firm in public deals and was transacted between Tk 64.45 and Tk 68.22.
The inter-bank call money rate marked nominal rise Thursday despite withdrawal of cash through reverse repurchase agreement (repo) auction. The lower edge of the rate moved above the bank rate of 5.00 per cent in an active market.
The call rate remained mainly unchanged between 7.00 per cent and 14.75 per cent.