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Japan-Bangladesh joint venture company formed to boost hospitality industry
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Miura International (BD) Limited, a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture company, was formed Wednesday to take the hospitality industry of the country forward.
Fifty per cent of the newly-formed company will be owned by Miura International Incorporated of Nagoya Japan represented by its CEO Koji Miura and 50 per cent by Salek's Inn represented by its CEO Abdus Salek.
Miura International Chairman Koji Miura and Managing Director Abdus Salek said the step has been taken to develop the property into an internationally standard budget hotel for businessmen and family, which Dhaka has been lacking for so long.
In the first phase, the existing 16 guest rooms of the Ornate Hotel will be increased to 24. On completion of the phase the property will have one 150-person seminar room, two 20 to 30 person meeting rooms equipped with all modern facilities and equipment.