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PPD Secretariat to continue its operation in Dhaka


Secretariat of the Partners-in-Population and Development (PPD), an international organisation, will continue its operation in Dhaka, a Foreign Ministry communiqué said in the city Wednesday, reports UNB.
"The move to transfer the PPD Secretariat from Dhaka to somewhere else could be stopped following the intervention of the Foreign Ministry through diplomatic channel," it said.
A decision on the Secretariat's operation from Dhaka was taken at the 10th Board meeting of PPD held in India on November 22-23.
PPD, an initiative of developing countries, emerged through Cairo conference on population and development in 1994 to increase cooperation among the member countries and at that time its Secretariat was established in Dhaka.
The communiqué said that a move was initiated to transfer the PPD Secretariat on the pretext that a congenial working atmosphere does not exist in the city for women workers and international-standard workers are unwilling to work in Dhaka. But, the strong lobbying and diplomatic efforts from the country thwarted the move.