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Country earns record $905m export profit.


The country for the first time in its first month of fiscal year 2005 (July) has earned a record income of $905 million (90.5 crore), an economic expert said, reports BSS.
This is for the first time the country has crossed the $900 million mark in export earnings in a single month.
In the area of knitwear, there has been a substantial increase in export recently after the end of quota system from January this year.
Many other products like frozen food, jute goods, chemical products, footwear, ceramic tableware, agricultural products, petroleum by-products and handicrafts, are making their mark in the foreign markets and earning foreign exchange for the country.
About $48.68 million in July 2005 was earned through export of frozen food, a 17.87 per cent growth compared to the corresponding period of the last fiscal year.
In jute goods export, the earnings are note-worthy. In the first month of the current fiscal year it has brought in $25.72 million recording 2.67 per cent growth compared to the same month of the last fiscal. Chemical products worth $19 million were exported in July 2005.
Economic experts said, the growth of export proves that Bangladesh is moving consistently on the right track and perpetually making headway in its efforts to develop an environment conducive to a healthy export-oriented society.