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Decline in water level hampers vessel movement in Brahmanbaria
Our Correspondent

BRAHMANBARIA, Jan 16: Movement of water vessels to and from Brahmanbaria has been seriously affected due to rapid fall in the water level in all the rivers of the district.
The water level has been declining ceaselessly throughout the current dry season and a number of shoals are emerging in the riverbeds.
Water Development Board (WDB) office sources said, the water level in the river Titas has been recorded much below the normal navigation requirement.
Therefore, the water vessels plying on routes like the Brahmanbaria-Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria-Akhaura, Brahmanbaria-Champaknagar, Brahmanbaria-Mukundapur, Brahmanbaria-Madhabpur, etc., have to travel an additional distance of four to five kilometres.
For the passengers of launches and trawlers it is a journey perilously as vessels often run aground on hidden shoals, a regular event in those routes, sources added.