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The Dhaka Bypass


A report carried recently by this daily said the Dhaka Bypass is nearly complete and the authorities concerned are hopeful about opening the road for traffic movement at the end of March. Hopefully, the nagging traffic jam in and around Dhaka will be eased to a great extent after its opening.
As this road avoids the capital city and connects 16 northern districts in the southeast and southwestern parts of the country, people of Chittagong or Sylhet as well as those of the northern districts will use this bypass to go directly to other areas without having to pass through the capital city.
The opening of this bypass will not only ease the traffic pressure on the highways towards Dhaka, but it will also create a broader market for our agricultural products of one area in another.
It will thus play an effective role in rationalising prices of agricultural products in the country augmenting benefits of our farmers, which will give stimulus to productivity ensuring food security throughout the country.
Another important possibility is that this bypass is likely to intensify business and social relations among the people of the districts concerned minimising the traditional trend of concentrating activities in and around our capital city, which is already overcrowded.
Md Yunus
An agriculturist