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Australia Day is an opportunity to celebrate the special qualities that define our nation and reflect on the many privileges of Australian life.
On this important day, we warmly acknowledge the values that have helped Australia become the stable, harmonious and optimistic society that it is today.
Our self reliance, determination and willingness to embrace change when necessary, whilst preserving valuable traditions has produced a nation that is confident in itself and its place in the world.
We should all be proud of the nation that this and previous generations of Australians have forged through hard work and a willingness to share the abundant riches of this unique land.
In that same spirit, we extend the hand of friendship to the many people who today will pledge their loyalty to Australia and its people.
Our challenge is to maintain the best characteristics of Australian life as we move forward in a changing world.
Our bedrock values of tolerance, decency and mateship are the guiding lights that help us face the future with confidence. It falls to us all to nurture and defend them.
I wish all Australians, wherever they are, a happy Australia Day.

John Howard
Prime Minister of Australia