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Golden Life elects chairman, vice chairman
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The 5th annual general meeting (AGM) of Golden Life Insurance Limited was held in the city with its Chairman Md Musa Mia in the chair.
The meeting unanimously elected AKM Azizur Rahman its chairman and Md Shamsur Rahman vice chairman.
Industrialist AKM Azizur Rahman is also chairman and managing director of Khansons Group and sponsor director of Central Insurance Co. Ltd. He is an EC member of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association. For his outstanding contribution to industrialisation, he has been nominated a commercially important person (CIP) several times by the government of Bangladesh.
On the other hand, Bay Group Limited Chairman Md Shamsur Rahman is also the founder chairman of Bay Tannery Ltd, Bay Rubber Ltd, Bay Agro Industries Ltd, and Bay Footwear Ltd.
He is the senior vice president of Bangladesh Chamber of Industries and director of Express Insurance Ltd. He has been awarded the National Export Trophy several times for his outstanding contribution to leather export and also nominated CIP for the same.