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I am delighted to learn that the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh and the United States Embassy are jointly organizing the 15th US Trade Show in Dhaka from 08-10 February 2006.
Bangladesh and the United States enjoy excellent bilateral relations and close cooperation. The United States is an important development and trading partner of Bangladesh. It also a major destination of our readymade garments exports through which Bangladesh earns valuable foreign currency and employs around two million people, mostly women.
Bangladesh intends to expand bilateral trade and welcomes direct foreign investment from the US, Bangladesh has been pursuing a very liberal investment policy for the foreign entrepreneurs with huge attractive incentive packages. I hope that these opportunities would attract increased foreign investment.
I believe the Trade Show will provide an excellent opportunity for interaction among the businesspersons of Bangladesh and the US, which will have positive impact on the existing trade and investment relationships.
I wish the US Trade Show a great success.

M. Morshed Khan, M.P.
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Government of the People’s Republic
of Bangladesh