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Russia-India trade can reach $10b in next five years


MOSCOW, Mar 14 (PTI): Ahead of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov's visit to India which will focus on enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries, Moscow yesterday said bilateral trade can increase up to 8-10 billion dollars in the next five years.
The development of Russian-Indian economic cooperation will be "prioritised" during the March 15-17 visit of Prime Minister Fradkov to New Delhi, Russian Ambassador to India Vyacheslav Trubnikov said.
At present the Russian-Indian trade is of about two billion dollars. Trubnikov said "the real possibilities exist to increase the bilateral trade to 8-10 billion dollars in the next five years."
According to the Russian envoy, the lack of information exchange between business circles of the two countries was primarily hampering the rapid development of bilateral trade.