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Dial Ya No Dial
On SONY SET Friday at 9-30 pm
Sony Entertainment Television, India's No. 2 general entertainment channel, presentS the World's most celebrated reality game show - Deal Ya No Deal for the first time in India.
Deal Ya No Deal, is a unique reality game show format which tests an individual's ability to make the right choices and an opportunity to win upto Rs 1 crore! Hosted by Mandira this reality game show is about intelligent choices, where the right choice can make the winner a 'crorepati'.
Kudkudiyan House No. 43

On SONY SET Friday at 9-00 pm
The Batliwallas are a quirky but adorable Parsi family of four members with each member bringing in a distinctive personality to the mix. The family runs their confectionary business by day and hosts the chat show during the night. The son - Shahrukh Batliwalla is a star struck 30- year old who dreams of making it big on Indian celluloid. To realise his dreams he comes up with the idea of hosting a celebrity chat show and his firm belief is that this show is his ticket to stardom. Shahrukh is assisted in the chat show by his overenthusiastic family comprising his father - an overtly disciplined man with a know-it-all attitude, his mother who lives in her own world of vanity and 'embroidered sarees' and perhaps the most intellectual one in the family-the grandmother who is young at heart and can carry off with great panache the adorable advances she cant help making towards the handsome celebrity guests.

On STAR PLUS Friday at 8-30 pm
Bebo wakes up in the morning to find a box of chocolates being gifted to her by Jia, In return, she gifts Jia with a magical cap and forgets to tell her that if she wears the cap, she will be able to hear other's thoughts.
Baa Bahu Aur Baby

On STAR PLUS Friday at 10-30 pm
Baa Bahoo Aur Baby is made by Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia (of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Instant Khichdi fame). It presents the hues of life packed with high emotions, temperaments, idiosyncrasies of real people and even more real situations.
This is the story of Godavari Thakker and her family consisting of 6 sons, 2 daughters and their spouses and children. Godavari who hails from a very rich family, lives in her father's huge mansion, given to her by her brothers who are settled in America. She is married to Labhshankar Thakkar, an alcoholic, whose passion for art and theatre makes him a patron of art, but a good for nothing in the eyes of his wife.

The Mask Of Zorro

On HBO Movies (India) Friday at 9-30 pm
The matinee hero goes to the big screen amidst lush desert landscapes and the searing heat of passion.
Leading this Latin adventure is Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins as Don Diego de la Vega, the original Zorro.
Twenty years later, he realizes there is a need to resurrect the legendary hero in the face of the resurgence of Spanish tyranny in the form of his old nemesis Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson).
Under the guise of friendship and honor, the latter plans to buy California from the Mexican president in a bid to reassert Spanish rule, something which Mexicans like de la Vega have strongly opposed and cannot allow.