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M'sia looks for 0.2m Vietnamese workers annually


HANOI, Mar 18 (VNA): Malaysia appreciates Vietnamese overseas workers and looks for around 200,000 of them annually, said Malaysian Minister of Human Resources Fong Chan Onn.
Working with Vietnamese Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Hang in Hanoi Thursday, the Malaysian Minister also pledged to resolve Vietnam's complaints on raised brokerage fees and charges for CE (Certificate of Eligibility), a certificate honoured by Malaysian training centres and Vietnamese businesses. He said that the increase does not conform with his country's law.
At the working session, the Vietnamese and Malaysian ministers also discussed some technical matters relating to bilateral cooperation in labour issues.
According to the Department for Overseas Labour Management, Vietnam has since 2002 sent a total of 113,000 workers to Malaysia to work in the manufacturing industry, electronics assembly, textile and garment, service and agricultural sectors.