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Studying in Dhaka vs studying outside Dhaka
M A Islam

Case 1: Mamun is a student of class twelve in Dhaka City College. He was born in Dhaka and his schooling has been in Dhaka. His plan is to do BBA in Dhaka University. Since his childhood, he has seen Dhaka University campus and he is quite optimistic about his getting a chance in a good subject in Dhaka University.
Case 2: Sajib is a student of class twelve in Shah Sultan College, Bogra. He also wants to study science in Dhaka University. He has never been to Dhaka University before. He has seen the picture of the university in newspaper and on television. He also learned about the university from his uncle and aunt who are students of Dhaka University.
Where you stay and study make a lot of differences especially when it comes to your higher education. Whereas a school student of Dhaka can see his next student life and career life easily, a student from outside Dhaka does not have a clear idea about his university life and also about the career, mainly because of the geographical location factor.
A student from outside Dhaka, like Sajib, when he comes to this city after HSC, has to struggle a lot to adjust with the new environment. Renting a mess with the known or unknown people, knowing the streets, in many cases managing own livelihood -- all these take a good time from his life. Whereas time immediately after HSC/A level is very important for one's getting chance in the university, one has to spend a considerable period of time for all these 'coping-up-with-the-city-life' works.
The environment in Dhaka is more in favour for the development of English. Students in Dhaka are usualllly better in English compared to their other-part-of-the-country counterparts. On average, their spoken English is better than those coming from outside Dhaka. A student coming from outside Dhaka may be shy to speak English and he or she needs times to acquire the necessary fluency.
The positive message for those coming from outside Dhaka is: though initially you face difficult time, later you may become smarter than one who has been always in Dhaka because it has been observed that immigrants learn struggling at an early age and that helps them to fight the battle of life in an easy manner in their later life.