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Young artists' kaleidoscope
Ferdous Khan

A few days ago, a group exhibition was held at the Zainul Gallery of the Institute of Fine Art of the DU. It was organised by Bangladesh Artists' Welfare Organisation. It is a non-profitable and non-political organisation. The last exhibition was their 2nd group show. The exhibition was inaugurated by National University Vice Chancellor Dr Wakil Ahmed. Artist Dr Farida Zaman was present as the special guest.
Students from all fine art institutions in Bangladesh took part in the gala event. Besides, some na´ve artists from private universities took part in the exhibition. In this exhibition there were both academic and creative works. Artists implemented their fabulous creations in different media such as oil, acrylic, pen and ink, pencil, ceramic, sculpture, lithograph, wood cut and dry point. It was showcasing 75 art works.
Rakiv Hasan Khan was the winner for his experimental work. The title of his painting was "Study". He followed the semi-abstract genre. An abstract image is whose dimensions take it beyond our sense of touch and sight. It's like listening to classical music which somehow gives a chance to fuel. An abstract painter tries to transmit a feeling to the beholder, arouses someone's inner sense. Rakiv used several lines and dots in his composition .
Sayedur Rahman achieved the special prize at the exhibition for his "My Life-2". His work was done in water colour. His art of survival was focussed on some art of struggle. He eliminated the portrait from the figure and composed it on the right corner of the surface. His representation was constituted by realistic objects and drawings.
Uttam Kumar Roy's "Frame of Life" got honourable mention. In front of this perpendicular composition, a viewer has to think s/he is on a journey through time. The work was flat and designic indeed. The green border adorned the hem of the painting.
Fahmida enhanced her flower in her conventional pictorial genre. Cobalt blue dominated her flawless composition.
Iqbal Haider's figure composition was done in lithograph media skillfully with his instinct depicting a woman sewing something sitting on a chair.
There was a strong influence of adroit sculptress Novera Ahmed on the sculpture of Ranjet Karmakar. He simplified his three-dimensional figurative work. The three-dimensional form can communicate the visitors more.
Devasish Pal's "Falling Civilisation" was done in ceramic media. He is a seeker of archaic civilisation. He focussed in his work on how to dig something from abyss.
Actually, the young artists derived their images with their limited aesthetic sense.
Artist A Rahman and Anwar Husain deserve special thanks for patronising the youngsters. The exhibition was going on from February 3-10 at the Zainul Art Gallery.