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India, Bangladesh women entrepreneurs join forces to broaden market
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Women entrepreneurs of Bangladesh and India have agreed on extending professional cooperation among each other to broaden the market of their products through utilising experiences and trade facilities of the two countries.
Women Entrepreneurs' Association, Bangladesh (WEA) and Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in this connection in the city Saturday.
WEA President Rokia Afzal Rahman and FIWE President Rajni Agarwal signed the MOU on behalf of their respective associations. Members of the WEA were also present on the occasion.
The WEA president said the agreement is the official recognition of cooperation among the women entrepreneurs of the two countries and it exists despite political differences.
The FIWA president said the MOU between WEA and FIWE has opened up a scope for women of both the countries to develop expertise through sharing experiences on successes and transfer of technology.
During the ceremony, the members of WEA and FIWE also exchanged views on different issues including trade barriers, export possibilities and product diversification involving the two countries as well as other countries.
As per the MOU, WEA and FIWE will hold an exhibition and a seminar in September in Chittagong.