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Talks with govt on reforms won't yield positive results: Jalil


Awami League (AL) General Secretary Abdul Jalil MP expressed his apprehension that talks with the coalition government on their electoral reforms would not yield any positive results and they will have to realise their demand through a movement, reports UNB.
"We're not at all concerned about Mannan Bhuyain's reply as our demand is clear and we think that this has to be realised through street agitation, not talks," he told a rally at Bangabandhu Avenue Tuesday afternoon.
Jalil, also coordinator of the 14-party opposition combine, was speaking at a rally protesting the police attack on the opposition's siege programme to the Election Commission (EC) on March 12.
The AL-led 14-party opposition lineup organised the rally with AL's Dhaka city unit General Secretary Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya in the chair.
Jalil said they are not against discussion on the reform proposals but people do not like buying time in the name of talks.
"They (people) want to get rid of this alliance government," he said adding that people were now united against this autocratic regime and they would pull it down through a united movement.
Jalil said the government knows it very well that people would not vote for them in the coming elections, so they (government) want to retain power through conspiracy. "But the people will resist any election engineering," he added
The AL general secretary said the opposition parties would not allow any elections on this soil until their reform proposals are implemented.
Jalil urged the party workers to join the March 30 sit-in programme in front of the Secretariat and warned the government that it would have to shoulder all consequences if it tries to obstruct their programme.