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Saber denies PTI report on Hasina's comments


Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Political Secretary to the opposition leader, outright rejected Saturday an Indian news agency report quoting opposition leader Sheikh Hasina as having said that once India, Pakistan and Bangladesh shed all their differences and come together, they could effectively prevent the US from dictating policies of developing countries, reports UNB.
'The report is devoid of any truth and is baseless,' Chowdhury told the agency over telephone from New Delhi.
He said the opposition leader did not make any comment whatsoever against any country's 'aggression' or 'interference'. Her remarks were strictly related to regional cooperation, peace and development.
"We suspect that there might have been some foulplay and a deliberate attempt to manipulate her remarks," he said, adding, "We have taken it up seriously and we are investigating into it."
Last Friday, PTI from Ajmeer reported that the Bangladesh's opposition leader Sheikh Hasina called for unity among India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to check the increasing 'interference of America' in the internal affairs of the developing nations.