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Hasina grills govt for selling relief rice in exchange of money


Leader of the Opposition and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina accused the government Friday of selling rice for relief at Tk 4.0, adding that relief items cannot be sold in exchange of money.
Sheikh Hasina in a statement also observed that rice meant for relief could not be sold among the poor, reports BDNEWS.
Sheikh Hasina also expressed deep concern over the unbearable sufferings of the people of the country, particularly the fasting people, for increasing the prices of the essentials every day in the month of Ramadan.
"The BNP-Jamaat alliance government is responsible for the unbearable price hike of the essentials. The Ramadan month seems to have become the month of price hike. Price hike of this year has broken the previous records," Sheikh Hasina said.
"Extortion network of the ministers and the government party leaders has made the overall situation so sorrowful that the people are being forced to eat arums to have their Sehri and Iftar for Ramadan. People are committing suicide to get rid of suffering from hunger," the AL chief said.
The Leader of the Opposition said the government's political cadres are engaged in corruption in selling rice.
"The price of per kilogram of rice was Tk 10 in the months of Ramadan under the regime of Awami League government. Now the price is Tk 20. We were able to keep the price of the essentials under control as we had duties and responsibilities towards the people," Hasina said.
Hasina added betterment of the condition of the destitute people would not be possible, if the alliance government remains in power.
The AL chief also urged the people to topple the BNP-Jamat alliance government by making the anti-government movement vigorous.