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Message from the Ambassador


On the occasion of the Swiss National Day, I extend my warmest and sincere greetings to the people and Government of Bangladesh.
This year we are celebrating 35 years of cooperation and friendship between Bangladesh and Switzerland. This auspicious occasion is marked by important events and cooperation in different areas. Bangladeshi Foreign Minister's successful visit to Switzerland in April this year and meetings with the Swiss Foreign Minister and President has further promoted mutual understanding. Later this year, a Swiss Week is will be organized in Bangladesh covering the areas of trade and investment, development cooperation and cultural cooperation. Arts & Crafts exhibition, comprising Swiss urban and rural handicrafts, will be handed over to Bangladesh National Museum. I hope it will enrich the image of Switzerland and contribute to mutual understanding.
Switzerland and Bangladesh relations have progressively developed since Bangladesh's independence. Switzerland supported the newly independent Bangladesh by established diplomatic relations soon after its independence in 1971. Over the last 35 years, relations and exchanges have developed in the field of development cooperation, trade and investment and culture.
These two geographically distant countries have a lot of differences in terms of geography, culture, economy. But at the same time there are similarities, mutual interests and linkages, on the basis of which our relations and friendship have strengthened. In the some of articles provided here, you will find specific features of the economy, political system and culture of Switzerland and where we have similar developments and mutual interests, and also where we have different attributes.
Peace promotion, democracy and human rights, poverty reduction and sustainable use of natural resources are the pillars of Switzerland's foreign policy. In this context, Switzerland has continued its development cooperation efforts in Bangladesh for a long time. Economic and trade relations between the two countries are expanding each year, mutually benefiting in complementary sectors, such as garments and textiles. Cultural exchanges are taking place frequently; bringing people of the two countries closer.
I wish to continue working towards further strengthening the ties between the two countries. In this special year of 35 years of friendship, I hope that our relations will continue to grow, bringing mutual benefits to the people of both countries.

Dr. Dora Rapold
Ambassador of Switzerland