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Friendship Day : When friendship is celebrated
Sharmin Kaiser Nipun

Friendship is the outcome of mutual understanding. Friendship day is the day when we recharge our friendship with our near and dear ones. On this day we meet each other, sometimes we arrange friendship band, then exchange our love by gifts, flowers etc.
In the minds of students that day, friendship day is of special importance. They save money from their tiffin budget and buy friendship band for their friends. They build up a pure friendship since they study together a major part of their life. This innocence of their innocent age expresses the depth of a friendship. They share their every single affair.
In college stage, some of the school friends can carry on their friendship. When friendship day comes, they sharply feel it and try to hold their understanding in a better position. The college may be co-educational system. Here a girl gets an opportunity to understand a boy and the distance comes nearer. There they develop the elementary male-female relationship.
Finally, in the university life friendship takes a great turn. Here a friend can do anything for his or her friend's sake. They enjoy friendship day with wild enthusiasm. However, the outcome is heavenly. In fact, we can select our best friends in this stage.
Generally, we celebrate this day on the first Sunday of August. But truly, there is no certain time or event for friendship. Friendship thrives where faith and understanding stay for ever. We cannot imagine ourselves without friends, because our heart becomes a barren land without the fulfillment of friends.
Sharmin Kaiser Nipun is a student of second year in the department of English in Government Titumir College, Dhaka