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Getting a job while being a student
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It seems the job market is getting more and more competitive day by day. Businesses are expanding resulting in more employment, but still the job market cannot cater fully to the growing number of job seekers. Probably the fresh graduates face harsh reality than the ones who are already engaged somewhere in some capacity.
The fresh graduates are tired and frustrated seeing such advertisement: need experience in this industry or that industry. True, today many companies want fresh graduates for many posts. Still, in many cases, this type of requirement of experience hinders the freshers from applying to various posts in many organisations.
Where will the freshers get experience? They have studied full-time and they did not get time to attend any full time job.
Yes, there is one way to gather some part-time experience which might be of great help for them. The students can earn experience by working as an intern during their vacation or sometimes when the university is closed sine die. They can also do part time jobs of 2-3 hours. True, managing part time job is not so easy in Bangladesh. But they need to explore and find part-time jobs. They really need to explore well the connections. Today, or tomorrow, he or she can manage an opportunity.
The alumni associations of educational institutions have really a great role to play in this regard. The ex-students of a college/university can really help the present students by giving information or providing part-time jobs in their own organisations.
So, for those who are studying in some institutions, fix your aim today. Even, if possible, decide which organisation you want to work for. Study the working culture of that organization, try to know what specific requirements they have for the particular job you are interested in. If, for example, you target the marketing division of GramenPhone for a job, try to know everything about it. Gather information about what type of written test they will take and how challenging the viva tests will be for you.
You will probably come to know for a marketing job at Grameen Phone, the written test will be like IBA admission test, or easier than that. In the viva, they will see how much smart you are and how much you know about telecom. So prepare yourself accordingly from now. If situation allows, why don't you try to manage an internship during your student life with the company? Obviously, you should see that your study is not hampered.
This is really shocking that many students do not have their aim. That is really catastrophic for their career. If you have an aim, you get the urge to move forward. That really motivates you.
Here are some tips for the students thinking of developing their career in the business world:
First, think what you want to work in : finance, marketing, human resources or what else.
Second, find out your desired organization.
Third, try to know how you can prepare yourself for the written and viva test
Fourth, try to know how you can really succeed when you will be working in the organisation.
Fifth, prepare your CV today and improve it from time to time. In case the employer needs some experience, try to gather it by working in some organizations for 2-3 hours everyday, by attending workshops/seminars of similar type. Just keep your eyes open.