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BSF abducts two Bangladeshi youths
BDR-smuggler encounter leaves five wounded


KUSHTIA, Oct 15 (UNB): Two Bangladeshi youths were abducted by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) from Beel Gathua border area while BDR-smuggler encounter left five people wounded in Doulatpur Upazila Friday night.
Sources said the BSF members of Meghna camp in Hogalbaria thana picked up Rajon and Ripon of Moyrampur village when they went to the border area for cutting grass.
When the BDR contacted the BSF, the Indian border guards said the youths were caught for intruding into Indian territories.
A company commander-level flag meeting between the two forces was held at no-man's land in Jamalpur area Saturday. Company Commander Subeder S K Amin of the BDR and Inspector Babu Lal Sharma of the BSF led their respective side.
Later BSF members handed them over to Bangladesh authorities after the meeting between BDR and BSF on Saturday.
Meanwhile, five suspected smugglers were injured, two by bullets, in a gunfight between the BDR and the cross-border traders at Moyrampur village early Saturday.
BDR sources said that, acting on a secret information, they took position in the border area and opened fire on "some smugglers" trying to enter Doulatpur with smuggled Indian goods at 1.0am.
"The smugglers returned fire, triggering a gunfight. Milton and one of his associates received bullet wounds during the gunfight," said a source.
Nine hundred bottles of phensidyl were seized from the scene.