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Saiful Kaiser

Kapil Dev, legend and former Indian captain says Ganguly faces an uphill task, more like attacking a sheer rock face without climbing gear, to make it back into the Indian side and forget about captaincy. Dev has hinted that he for one is not impressed that Ganguly fits into the team.
The Indian board finally decided that Ruhul Dravid was their best bet as captain for the two forthcoming ODI series against Sri Lanka and South Africa, both very tough and fighting opponents and will give them as much trouble as did the Pakistanis if not more so in the 12 ODIs. The circus begins on October 25.
Dev has also hinted loudly that the captaincy should not be a short, stop gap, appointment something that was intensely resented by Dravid who made it clear he was not an iron board that he was not greatly pleased by keeping the seat hot that someone like Ganguly could come and go whenever he pleases, or sentiments to that effect.
It really does look like it is the end of the Ganguly era. His high profile divorce with the side's coach Greg Chappell, whose appointment he publicly and vigorously endorsed, though ended in a face saving decision by the board, Ganguly immediately developed 'tennis' elbow which apparently became so aggravated that now it looks he will not play for at least two months, or thereabouts.
Rahul Dravid played his first Test in no less a place than Lord's and for that he had to thank Sanjay Manjrekar's twisted ankle.
He has since played a record 91 straight Test matches for India.