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UPS, the provider of best services


UPS (United Parcel Service of America, Inc) was better known as a Courier/Express service company in Bangladesh and Fritz was known in the logistics fraternity, including service providers and customers as a full-fledged logistics company. The acquisition of Fritz by UPS in 2001 has lent the name UPS to the status of being a total supply chain solution provider. In fact the company is now known as UPS SCS, the acronym SCS standing for Supply Chain Solutions.
UPS SCS is able to give a full range of customised as well as regular supply chain solutions. Import and export of goods, movements of cargo from one place to another as well as large-scale project support is possible. But if there is a need for inventory management, customising your daily supply chain to minimise cost, warehouse management, formulating strategy to cut down time of availability of raw material and delivery of finished goods to distributors and store shelves, managing broader strategy to anticipate trade related ups and downs including shortages and price related movements etc and UPS SCS can be of help. In short, UPS SCS is able to be your logistics company, who are also your strategic partner. The company also has strong experience in working in a variety of sectors including health, defense, consumer goods etc.
The erstwhile company Fritz was established in Bangladesh in 1991 therefore UPS SCS, can call upon an experience of 14 years of working in Bangladesh. The company has 30 employees who are highly trained. "We work towards a goal that guarantees the best service for our customers and provides mutual benefit to both our organisations. We do not consider ourselves to be mere service provider but as partners in business" says Mr. Noor Mohammad Dicon, Director and Country Manager of the Company.