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Eid-shopping gains momentum in Ctg
Our Correspondent

CHITTAGONG, Oct 30: Eid-shopping has gained momentum in all the markets of the port city with shoppers crowding the places as Eid-ul Fitr draws near.
New Market, Amin Centre, Chittagong Shopping Complex, Mimi Super Market, Central Plaza, Singapore Market and Reazuddin Bazar are all doing brisk business.
Almost all markets and shopping centres are wearing a festive look being lavishly decorated to woo consumers. Many shops are giving raffle tickets to customers and have announced special prizes for the winners.
The New Market is at the top of the consumer list with shops selling saris, shirts, trousers, three-piece, cosmetics, kurta, shoes, etc. more than any other market. Amin Centre, the only centrally air-conditioned shopping mall is packed with shoppers from the middle class as well as the affluent. Chittagong Shopping Complex meanwhile is catering to the requirements of consumers from all classes.
Reazuddin Bazar and Zahur Hawker Market are the two favourite places for the low and fixed income group.
So far, no untoward incident has been reported as special security measures have been taken in all the shopping centres.