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5th amendment to Constitution
SC extends its stay for 3 more months on HC verdict


The Supreme Court (SC) has extended by three more months its order staying the operation of a crucial High Court (HC) verdict that declared the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution "illegal".
The highest court's order came Monday upon a government application seeking extension of the order of stay as the executive did not get a certified copy of the judgment for filing leave-to-appeal petition against the HC edict, reports UNB.
On August 29, the HC, in response to a writ petition, declared the Fifth Amendment illegal that validated the usurpation of state power by promulgating Martial Law on August 15, 1975.
On application by the government, operation of the HC verdict was stayed by the SC hours after the judgment came on the constitutional matter of high political significance.
Its implications reach far to touch several regimes since the August changeover way back in 1975