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Prothom Alo becomes GP's corporate client
FE Report

The Daily Prothom Alo has become a corporate client of GrameenPhone (GP) Limited, under an agreement signed in the city recently.
In this connection, the agreement was signed by Prothom Alo Administrative Manager Uttam Kumar Paul and GP Head of Corporate Sales Tanvir Ibrahim, under its corporate sales package initiative.
Prothom Alo selected GP as its total telecommunication partner. Prothom Alo will be using GP mobiles to maintain effective communication among its reporters and other partners around the country.
Reporting from the remote areas will be easier for its journalists. Subscription to the GP corporate package has significantly reduced the newspaper's communication cost. It will be benefited from GP's unique value added services.
The daily Prothom Alo, is leading vernacular national daily newspaper in the country.
The publisher of the Prothom Alo is Mediastar Limited, which is a Private Limited Company. It is a subsidiary company of Transcom Limited.
Also present at the signing ceremony were Prothom Alo Editor Matiur Rahman, Deputy Manager (Advertising) Ehtesham Azad, Senior Event Management Officer Saiful Azim and GP General Manager (Sales and Distribution) Mahboob Hossain, Manager (Strategic Sales) Khandker Omar Farhan and Manager (Media) Moeen Tariq.