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Govt borrows Tk 10.277 b thru' treasury bills
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The government borrowed a total of Tk 10.277 billion (1027.70 crore) Sunday through the auctions of treasury bills. On the other hand, Tk 10.088 billion will be injected into the market in the week due to maturity of some treasury bills. It will result in a net outflow of Tk 189 million from the market in the week.
The net outflow of cash from the market is expected to increase pressure on liquidity, the fund managers said.
The auction of the 28-day, 91-day, 182-day, 364-day and two-year treasury bills was held on the day.
Bidders offered Tk 10.277 billion against 28-day bills and the central bank accepted the bids.
The range of the implicit yields respectively was between 6.80 per cent and 6.85 per cent per annum.