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Not only in N-region, people across country are experiencing famine: Hasina


BOGRA, Nov 8 (BDNEWS): Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Sheikh Hasina said Tuesday people not only in northern part but across the country are experiencing famine.
"People are not in peace as prices of essentials went beyond their capacity," the Awami League (AL) President told the wayside rallies in the district on her way to 'monga-affected' areas in northern districts.
The former Prime Minister said that the price spiral does not affect the four-party coalition leaders as they made money by looting people's wealth.
"But days are not far off when people will take back each and every penny looted by the BNP-Jamaat government," she told the people who had gathered at Sherpur and Tinmatha rallies.
Hasina said prices of essentials are going up everyday, but farmers are not being benefited as prices of fertilisers and diesel are also skyrocketing.
"To mint money, this government wants to import fertilisers and not using the locally produced ones," she said.
The AL chief also blasted the Prime Minister's family for 'grabbing peoples' wealth and siphoning off the money abroad'.
Calling Khaleda-Nizami vote thieves, the Leader of the Opposition urged people to remain vigilant so that they can not snatch their rights to franchise again.
"The Khaleda-Nizami coalition that came to power by snatching peoples' right to vote could not bring any good for the nation," she said.
The AL chief reiterated her demand for reform of the caretaker government system and the Election Commission (EC).
"We will realise the demand," she said amidst claps and repeated slogans from the spontaneous gatherings.
The former Prime Minister bitterly criticised the government for what she said the BNP-Jamaat coalition has been carrying out extra-judicial killings in the name of crossfire for long.
Hasina left her Sudha Sadan residence in the morning on a four-day trip to the 'monga-affected' areas in the northern districts.
Hundreds of people on her way stood on both sides of the highway and greeted the opposition leader by chanting slogans, offering bouquets and showering her with petals.