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LDCs discussing duty-free access to US mkt issue
Md. Asiful Huq

Leaders of business organisations and senior government officials of 14 least developed countries (LDCs) began a four-day meeting Tuesday in Washington DC to discuss the issue of duty-free access of their goods into US market.
Representatives of the LDCs are expected to discuss the matter with congressmen and US trade policy advisers and officials in the city.
The meeting will continue until November 10.
A Bangladesh delegation, led by Commerce Adviser Barkat Ullah Bulu, is taking part in the meet.
Other members of the team include BGMEA President Annisul Huq, Director Tipu Munshi, Director S.M. Fazlul Hoque and Director Mahmud Hasan Khan of BGMEA.
The meeting was originally scheduled to be held in September last, but it was later deferred after hurricane Katrina and Rita devastated American coastal states.
The meeting aims at promoting LDCs drive on for duty-free access into US market.
Ahead of WTO's Hong Kong summit in December members of 14 least developed countries (LDCs) are being united for lobbying to get duty -free access for their products.
The countries include Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Afghanistan, Combodia, East Timor, Kirbiti, Laos, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Yemen and Tuvalu.
Ahead of Washington Meet business leaders of fourteen least developed countries earlier met in Dhaka to discuss duty-free access bill -- Tariff Relief Assistance for Developing Economies (trade) Act 2005.
In the Dhaka meet leaders of different business organisations declared to continue their united efforts.