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Saiful Kaiser

The Indians want to bring Kaif back for Rajkot. However they are still not saying if Sachin will play, if Pathan is in the team or whether Harbhajan figures in the Indian scheme of things. However, they coyly announce that all three are present in 'the squad for the last two games."
It is possible Indian will field a full side so as not to let Sri Lanka off the hook. They may decide that one win was enough for the guests and they should take no more. A win at Rajkot could do wonders for the Lankans. Let us see.
Meanwhile, the Pakistanis all in cloud nine. Their novices in the A team defeated the Englanders and the visiting captain has gone and sprained a knee. This will be a much-contested series, both the ODIs and the Tests, and this win for the hosts should give them a boost.
After the loss some England players were certain it was the absence of the captain that made the difference. He really eggs them on they said.
As for the Pakistani batsmen who had the job of overhauling the target, they performed better than the England batsmen.
Hasan Raza who at 14 something became the youngest ever Test player nine years ago sent a strong message to the board that the Pakistanis have yet another candidate for the batting slot. Shahid Yousuf also scored a brave 50 (57 in 105 balls) but was hit in the, er, 'breadbasket', and was carted off the field with barrackers cursing the England bowler that he had scared the grandchildren of the Pakistani batsman with that blow and that this hitting below the belt thing was no way for a guest to behave.