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Demand for separate SME division


WE should thank Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) for honouring entrepreneurs for their dynamism in the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is not the first time DCCI honours local entrepreneurs. It has earlier awarded successful SME entrepreneurs in 2002 considering its implication for the economy. It is said that SME is the key to our economy as it provides the lion's share (87 per cent) of the total employment and earning of foreign currency through highest export.
But SME plays a very vital role. It has more contribution to the rural employment and it activates the rural economy. Moreover, it has the capacity to develop nationalistic values through promoting social and cultural norms and values. And finally, it has an important relation to the image building of a nation. So DCCI really deserves appreciation for whatever the efforts taken to honour the people who are contributing to these developments.
But we feel that this award needs to be distributed to the real entrepreneurs as well. There are many entrepreneurs who are often shy and do not want to be exposed. Many are also there, who want to work and do not bother about award. So DCCI's responsibility is to find out the real entrepreneurs. They have to visit the enterprises and talk to the people to get the feel of what they are doing and finally assess their contribution.
In recent days, we have seen graduation of many entrepreneurs from small to medium ones. Many medium entrepreneurs are now also confident about shifting to themselves bigger levels and look for financial supports. And that was the reason why SME banking has become popular nowadays. But at the present context, it is also needed to create a separate division for SMEs. We feel that it is needed to give proper support to the sector as it has great thirst for finance, institutions, infrastructure, legislation etc.
Maman Khan