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Problems lie in governance


A SURVEY of BBC World service has revealed a very important attribute of the Bangladeshi people. It said that most of the country's people are happy with their life and feel proud to be Bangladeshi. The statistics that came out of the survey regarding religion and family life also show that Bangladeshis are really religious minded, family-oriented and feel proud of the country. BBC termed this survey as the pulse of Bangladesh.
But if this is the perception of the majority people then where do the problems lie? Why are we identified as most corrupt country for the fifth times, why the successive governments have failed to earn consensus on national issues and why most of the development programmes fail?
We believe that problem lies in the leaders and donors. They are to blame for what we could not achieve since the independence. They could not utilise the pulse of the people for the benefit of the country. They are responsible for rendering the administration corrupt, as they were always busy for personal benefit. As the BBC conducted the survey for its project titled Bengali Sanglap, we are looking forward to listening to it to understand the problems in the country. We hope that this programme will be able to give a better impression and understanding about national values and stimulate constructive debates around national issues so that policymakers cannot ignore these points in the future programmes.
K Zaman
DOHS, Dhaka.