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Chinese company starts marketing CNG-run automobiles


A Chinese automobile company has started marketing of CNG-run automobiles, including luxury buses, in Bangladesh with local financial support and life-long service, reports BSS.
"The company, ILEN, has started marketing automobiles with German engines assembled in China at a low cost compared to others," its Director Wei Ji told the news agency in the city Saturday.
Wei, also the chief of ILEN in Bangladesh, claimed his company, based in southern Shenzhen province of China, is the first among automobile companies around the world providing triple 'S' that denotes before service, sales service and after service.
Elaborating the after sales service, Wei said ILEN's service was quite different from others, because its period was unlimited as long as the automobiles were running.
The service also includes providing suggestions about management to reduce cost of owners, technology training, maintenance guide and supply of parts at cost price, he said.
The company has already opened its service centre manned with Chinese experts in Dhaka.
Wei claimed their automobiles were cheaper and better than other companies.
About financial support, he said, "We would help buyers with financial assistance from local leasing companies."
"We are in global market and want to compete with the world's dominant companies in automobile business," Wei said, adding China was now the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world after the USA.