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Anti-smoking law violated in Rangpur
Our correspondent

RANGPUR, Nov 20: The anti-smoking law of government is not being obeyed anywhere in the district where common people as well as the law enforcers are seen violating the law by smoking at public places, sources said.
According to the sources, at the initial stage after the declaration of the law, smokers were somewhat alert lest they should be fined or harassed.
Most of the conscious people of the society assumed that with the government move to enact the anti-smoking law, they would be benefited. But all that did not last long and their hope was shattered when the obnoxious habit of smoking continued everywhere in the district and were renewed unabated at all restricted places like inside public transports and public areas.
Policemen, transport drivers, doctors, lawyer and even political leaders were seen breaking the embargo against smoking at specified places, which seems to have become a joke actually.
The concerned people of the society urged the authority to enforce the law for containing smoking and thus contribute to a healthy environment, they added.