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Aristopharma starts marketing Arictin tablet
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Aristopharma has started marketing Arictin tablet consisting of Cyproheptadine 4mg.
It is being manufactured in Bangladesh for the first time. Cyproheptadine is an antihistamine and is highly effective in the treatment of sneezing, cough, urticaria and other allergic manifestations.
But apart from its anti-allergic actions it is also used as an appetite stimulant.
There are many children who do not like to eat which causes major a problem for their parents. Apart from children many young boys or girls or even adults suffer from loss of appetite, resulting in poor health. It creates a psychological stress upon them. In case of girls poor health sometimes causes a social problem as well.
Arictin can help these groups of people. It antagonises the action of serotonin in the appetite centre of our brain. As a result, appetite increases and the patient takes more food. When someone takes more food, he becomes healthy naturally. Thus Arictin makes people healthy in a physiological way. It is suitable for adults as well as children above two years of age.