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City Sights
Crescent Lake
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It is an intrinsic urge of the people busy with routine works everyday and having scanty time to spend on sightseeing for enjoying pleasant moments. They search for a nice place to escape from monotony of busy life and enjoy with family members and friends and recharge mental energy. The Crescent Lake and the adjacent park can be suitable for those who expect a delightful break in their busy life in the city.
Located at the Sher-e Banglanagar area near the Jatiya Sangsad Crescent Lake and the adjacent areas present a decent view. The lake is full of water and the trees on the other side of it have assumed a bright green appearance. Many people visit the place specially in the afternoon, roam around the lake or sit on the concrete bank of it or choose a suitable place on the lush green grass inside the attached garden. Many people even keep sitting by the side of the lake until late evening to enjoy charm of the night in loneliness. The place is comparatively safe and secure for them as it is just beside the official residence of the prime minister and police and security forces remain usually on alert in the area.
People have easy access to the area as the roads are wide and have linkage to any part of the city. The place may suit many for a charming visit to pass leisure time.