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Shakib Khan and beautiful Moushumi will star in a new film. Recently they began shooting in Hasnabad Chairman Bari in the outskirts of Dhaka they began shooting for "Ack Fool Dui Mali" (An Imbecile and Two Gardeners or Two Cooks At A Broth or A Maiden, Her Man and A Kabab-May-Haddi). The director is the successful duo Uttam-Akash.
Until lately, Shakib Khan was not considered good enough or at least senior enough to act opposite Shabnur or Moushumi. He has worked with Shabnur already so it was only a matter of time that he would get a crack to work with Moushumi.
Shakib described his feeling facing the camera with Moushumi for the first time.
"It is a great privilege to get a chance to work with an experienced artiste like Moushumi. I am absolutely thrilled and excited."
Directors Uttam-Akash told reporters that "Ack Fool Dui Mali" is a story of triangular love. Well, the title does hint at something like that. On the other hand one never knows about the plot of our film just by the name. It is reassuring that we had guessed correctly at least this once. However it is not only triangular love but love between two people of different ages. Or at least it would be a younger Shakib Khan obsessed in a one sided love for Moushumi who will probably try to dissuade him, unsuccessfully, and so on. But we do not know that with one hundred percent certainty.
Why we think it is Shakib who will be the troublemaker, the kabab-may-haddi? Well because Ferdaus makes up the missing angle of the triangle and he is not known for doing roles in which he is the mad, bad, sad guy. In other words, he always gets the girl and keeps her too.
Having said that, Shakib must realise that his is the more challenging role, that of the disturbed and suffering guy inflicted with a common malady, an infatuation that ends up in what is commonly called unrequited love.
"Ack Fool Dui Mali" is produced by Najimuddin and GM Sarwar. They had also jointly produced "Momotaj" released during Eid-ul-Fitr. It may be mentioned that "Momotaj" featured popular folk and payback singer Momotaj in the title role. Did it do well? Well, when you ask this of anyone you get a mixed reaction or at least a quixotic one. Sometimes they even answer in riddle like, "Life is but a walking shadow that casts it spells on those who fret and get sick on the stage but life is anything but success most of the time. Some films do well even those made by idiots and performed by poor players but is nevertheless full of sex and fury signifying money. Others that are 'clean' and mean well strut around a bit but after a while is heard no more; the wacky audience had cast them into the dustbin of history."
Some thought that Momotaj should have lost a little weight before she faced the camera, or faced the fans as a heroine. She has been phenomenally successful as a singer. In fact she resembles a 'pillar' of success. Perhaps a careful diet and lots and lots of exercise would have done the trick. However, the finicky fans also want their leading ladies to know a bit of acting. Well, frankly speaking they should not ask for everything. It should have been enough that Momotaj had to sing most of the songs in the film.
But Najimuddin and GM Sarwar showed no sign they had lost heart by real or imagined failure. They wanted to make good clean films and they have done exactly that with "Ack Fool Dui Mali". The story and screenplay of "Ack Fool Dui Mali" has been penned by Uttam-Akash. A Cine Viewer