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Three-level interactions urgent to resolve higher education problems


The speakers at a function Tuesday emphasised on an urgent need of effective interactions among academia, industries and scientific organisations to resolve the problems in higher education in Bangladesh, reports BDNEWS.
The programme - a month-long lecture series on "Bridging the Gap between Higher Education in Bangladesh and its Real World Applications: Prospect of Interactions between Industries and Academia" - was inaugurated by Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Moudud Ahmed. It was jointly organised by the University of Asia Pacific (UAP), Water Lab Ltd and Protipaalock Society for Culture and Science, at the auditorium of Russian Centre for Culture and Science.
Moudud stressed on establishing knowledge and technology based universities in the country to meet the future demand of the nation.
"It is a matter of concern that the number of students who take up science and technology as disciplines are decreasing in our country. We will have to create parallel institutes to the conventional ones in order to develop science and technology sector of the country," he said.
"The gap between the rich and poor countries is widening, since the poor countries cannot survive in the competition of science and technology. The wealth is being concentrated in the hands of the rich and developed countries. That is why, discriminations between the poor and rich countries, and conflicts and tension in the world are increasing day by day," he added.
Presided over by vice chancellor of the UAP Prof Abdul Matin Patwari, the meeting was addressed, among others, by vice chancellor of Southeast University Prof M Shamsher Ali, pro-vice chancellor of the UAP Prof MR Kabir, president of Protipaalock Society for Culture and Science Shantanu Saha Roy and KM Mostafa Anwar of Water Lab Ltd.