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First hydrogen peroxide plant goes into production
S M Jahangir back from Narsingdi

The H.P. Chemicals Limited (HPCL) has started producing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), first of its kind in Bangladesh, to meet the country's growing demand for the chemical, largely used for bleaching and finishing processes of textile products.
The Tk 1.0-billion state-of-the-art H2O2 producing plant will formally launch its production on December 18 (Sunday) through it already went into production for the last couple of months.
This was disclosed Thursday by the company's senior executives while talking to newsmen in the sideline of a workshop that was held at a community centre of Madhabdi in Narsingdi district.
Shameem Hussain, a director of the HPCL, said the plant, located at Bhulta under Narayanganj district, will be able to produce about 15,000 tonnes of H2O2 annually having an output capacity of 45 tonnes per day.
Responding to a query, Hussain said the plant will be able to meet nearly 15 per cent of the country's total H2O2 requirement. Presently, the annual demand for the chemical is estimated at 100,000 tonnes, he noted.
Over 75 per cent of the total H2O2 imports is consumed by the country's textile sector alone while the remaining 25 per cent is used by paper, leather, cosmetic and medicare sectors.
"Since the country used to import the entire required volume of H2O2, the production of the essential comical for the local textile sector will definitely help reduce such import dependence to some extent," he said.
Usually, Bangladesh imports the chemical from India, China, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and South Korea, he mentioned.
The company is able to sell H2O2 at the rate of $ 350 per tonne while its imported cost is calculated at $400 a tonne, Hussain said.
Besides, the local production of H2O2 will also help its users save at least two months' requirement for import.
Bangladesh has some advantages in setting up H2O2 plants because the country's natural gas can be used as the major raw material for production, said Md. Nurul Ameen, another director of the company.
Describing the H2O2 plant as one of the backward linkage industries, he said there is a scope to set up at lest five such producing plants in the country.
Responding to a query, Ameen said his company has plan to enhance its production capacity in the near future.
Meanwhile, local Parliament Member (MP) Khairuzzaman Khokon, Narsingdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) President Monjur Elahi, renowned chemist Abdul Momen and the HPCL directors Md. Nurul Ameen and Shameem Hussain spoke at the workshop.
Textile experts and manufactures of Narsingdi area attended the workshop where the HPCL highlighted various features of its product.
The speakers lauded the HPCL for setting up such a chemical plant in the country, saying it would definitely benefit the local users, especially the textile operators.
They also urged the company to ensure the quality of its product.
In his speech, Khokon said around 60 per cent of the country's total textile items is produced in the region.