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Seeking jobs: Pains and pleasures
Mohammad Polash Khan

          Turzo is a student of 8th batch of MBA program in Jahangirnagar University. This month he will sit for the semester final. Although his MBA is running, Turzo is appearing at the job interviews. His dream is to work for Grameen Phone. He has attended the interview for GP for the post of Officer, Value Added Service. He was impressed at the informal and friendly tone of the interviewers. When he was asked whether he would join GP if he gets the job just then. "I am ready to join today even if I have to postpone my MBA", he answered noticing the grand opportunity of his dream coming true.
Like Turzo, there are many students who consider BBA as enough eligibility to start their career with. They think that MBA is wastage of time as the job experience counts more than the MBA these days. The job seekers in our country can be categorised into three categories: freshers who have just completed their BBA or MBA, students who are about to complete BBA or MBA and executives who are already working for some company. Let us consider the following cases.
Fuad is a BBA from Khulna University. His CGPA is 3.33. Fuad believes that this CGPA is good for a business graduate from a public university. He joined the marketing operations of Victoria University last month. This week, however, he got a job in a multinational as Executive, Dealer Management. He believes that doing MBA before joining a job is a waste of time and money. Fuad says, 'I couldn't cross the viva hurdle in BBA admission test of IBA. I have a dream of doing MBA in IBA. If I get a chance there, I won't hesitate to quit my job for it. If I do not get chance in IBA, I will do EMBA along with continuing my job.'
Let's listen to the thoughts of another student who is seeking for a job. Mamunur Rashid Sagar is a student of MBA (in MIS) in Dhaka University. His BBA was in Management. He is optimistic about getting a good job before the completion of MBA. "MIS is a new department in DU. I had a dream to become a teacher in this department. But I did not do well in MBA. Doing MBA is not an inspiring period for me anymore. So I am willing to join some job and do MBA later." These days the majority of the business students agree with the career plans of Sagar.
Among the job seekers, there are also executives with proven track records. Anamul Haq of Dhaka Tobacco is one of them. He studied law at the Dhaka University. Later he did MBA. Anamul is working for Dhaka Tobaco for nearly three years. He is also attending interviews in quest for a better job. "I didn't look for another job within two years of my current job. It is giving me immense supervisory power over a large number of people. In the beginning, it was exciting. But now I realise the need for career growth." Anamul has faced successful interviews with Medico Bangladesh, Grameen Phone and Metro Cement. But the benefits offered were not enough to inspire him to switch. Aminul is still looking forward to a suitable position in GP where he can employ his talents and aptitudes.
Lutful Haq is another hardworking executive looking for career growth. Currently he works in the marketing operations of Shah Cement of Abul Khair Group. He studied economics and then got a diploma engineering degree. Eventually he did his MBA and joined a job. His working area is in Mymensingh but he continues to apply online for jobs. "During the first two years of my current job, I applied for jobs but was not called for interviews. But nowadays companies are showing interest in recruiting me". Lutful says that he is joining a new company next month. Perhaps his experience throughout the years is finally paying off.
Another executive (preferring to stay anonymous) is working for the marketing division of Rupchada Edible Oil. He completed his graduation under the National University. "I am used to attending job interviews. I kind of enjoy it. But whenever I am kept waiting for an interview, I feel worried about my office". He finds the job field very tactical. He believes that in many cases it is the brain of a candidate that wins over the academic degree of another candidate. He has seen that managing experience certificates are as easy as getting vegetables from the market.
The candidates should not jump at a job by getting lured by the handsome pay offered. In most cases a handsome pay implies immense workload. The candidates should be careful about the suitability of the job applied for. Anisur Rahman Patwary is one of the key executives of Transcom. His works with the core marketing operations and thus has to travel around the country. In the beginning it was all exciting. But after a couple of months of joining this job he is eager to switch for a 'less mobile' job.
The job switching culture is raising the work volume of the HRD of many companies. The companies are looking for candidates who remain committed for the job for at least two to three years. Therefore, the quest of the employers is not just for the most talented persons but also for the more dedicated persons. In some instances, a lower candidate of lower calibre gets the job, as the inability to switch for a better job becomes his/her winning point.
Unlike in the traditional way, the job market is moving fast towards a corporate culture. The graduates from the business schools have to cope with that pace relentlessly. Consequently, the job market of Bangladesh is getting more competitive day by day. Still, the escalating pace of expansion of multinationals as well as local companies is growing trend of the day. This means 'good news' for fresh job seekers and those executives who are looking for a career growth.


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