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The meek shall inherit the earth
Ershad Khandker

          A human being's personality has a bearing on his or her achievements. This may not be an absolute truth. However if you take an interest in somebody who ranks high in the achievement ladder, you are likely to find that the subject who exudes success has many positive characteristics.
Confidence would just be the tip of the iceberg. Ability to work hard and analyse the most difficult problems through, a sense for the not so obvious, and ultimately the ability to back oneself when the time comes to make the play are other important qualities of a person. Traits like photographic memory, knack of always being in the right place and a favourable relationship with dame luck are also no less important than good grades in academia, whatever the duration of schooling may have been. There is no denying that the strong rules the world and has all the luck too. The smartest people seem destined to make use of their celestial gifts and enrich their lives with all that is desirable to most human beings. Why then some say that the meek shall inherit the earth?
Amazing axiom, considering that the whole of a human life is spent with the intent to not remain meek. In fact, you want to become strong to rule the earth - to be the master of your own domain.
Your writer has lately discovered the strange healing power of misfortunate. One has this perspective on life that only seems to appear when there is a great sadness about oneself, because a loss that brings great personal sorrow can open the eye of the heart and the mind. This synergy happens only in moments of loss. The great sadness you feel in moments of trauma that may be painful enough to feel worst than death. However, it does often open your inner eye to the things that matter most; a paradigm shift happens and life becomes more consecrated, inner peace seems more important. Inner vision takes hold and what is so obvious but remained hidden behind vanity now appear crystal clear. Loss of glory, the fear of falling behind in some tawdry race to get ahead, appears insignificant. Peace is what you want and you gain that peace at the moment of reflection that reminds you of the fragility of what appears as real and everlasting.
Everybody desires success and happiness. However a happy and fulfilled life is often accompanied by thoughts of what will happen if an accident or illness were to take all this away.
We all find ourselves in the throes of depression at the loss of some small privilege, the competition to get ahead and make a good career and make money. At times the success of somebody else over our desired goals, makes us sad. If only we were to understand the great depth of life as it is meant to be, with all its dignity and need for personal peace and harmony. We all should be so lucky to have the unknown doors of our psychological make-up open-up to reveal the true peace and happiness that lie beneath the surface of the mundane pursuit of short-lived triumphs. Unfortunately, this great deliverance from a life chasing fantasies, only happen when we are faced with the tremendous shock of mind numbing pain. We are faced with only one realisation, that we should really mean to stay in this world as simple and mere mortals who been given the great gift of life by Almighty Allah.
There are those who are different. Humble and benign, able to stand tall and take the sufferings that life has to offer. A clear perspective on the reason behind such punishment, may that be the will of Almighty Allah or the necessary penitence for misdeeds committed by past generations. We all have come across people who seem remarkably calm in the face of a life of hard work and poverty. Your writer believes that the walk they take in a straight line -- from the humble beginning to the humbled end -- can be said be a blessing. The reward lies in the unwavering faith in the Almighty , the desire to see it through because the dictation of Allah needs to be fulfilled. There are striking moments of revelations when somebody you deem as poor and downtrodden would appear lucky because of the way they lead life -- not cowered down by doubts and the manifest physical and mental scars of a life full of worldly wants. A person who has a firm belief in destiny, a life of hard work and steadfast service to the given fate -- is indeed a person deserving of a peace of mind that the seamlessly unraveled journey through life provides .It is a pride that is unmistakably more valuable than the jarred life of a rich person who may appear comfortable but in reality is nothing but a tortured soul. The meek shall inherit the earth and it is a far better world than the world where hypocrisy of plenty rules.


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